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17 online marketing tools list । content marketing tools free

Hi friend, today I will discuss with you 17 digital marketing tools. With these digital marketing tools you can rank your web site. However, the funny thing is that these digital marketing tools are completely free.

So let’s see the tools without delay, friend……………

digital marketing tools

1.Copiescape – digital marketing tools

If you’ve been thinking about people online (and you will be!) In your content, you’ll also want to see Kopscape. The debate over whether there is a penalty for duplicate content is still ongoing, but if someone still steals your content, I suggest you take a quick peek.

Type the address of your website in the box and then click Summit and this free tool will come running and check that when someone should do your page it is a common tool and of course it is 100% free!

2. CamStudio

The Internet is gaining momentum around the world, and 2008 is truly the year of video. I use the video a lot and I see how powerful a tool can be to help your hand carry the message of your market I use Camtasia most of the time but when I reach someone’s computer for a few days and I need to make a video quickly,

I always go back to the camstudio cam it doesn’t have some advanced function of camtasia, but it has reduced the juice of the tank to keep most of us happy enough, the only problem is that it doesn’t have the turning button the old english pronunciation is down!

3. Google Analytics- content marketing tools free

It’s a great tracking and statistics tool that probably doesn’t save credit items because it’s free. If you market online, you should track your visitor numbers and really test the variability of your marketing. And not tracking (does anyone find this incredibly annoying?) But I’m going to do a lot more Download Google Analytics now and you’ll be amazed at how powerful this tool is.

4. eBay Pulse – content marketing tools 2020

Want to know what people are searching for online? Want to know who is buying? Then e-Bappul! I used to sell on eBay while studying and knew the market well. EBay is a free marketplace, and you can get free internships between buyers and sellers elsewhere here.

EBay Pulses not only shows you what people are searching for, it shows you what people are actually buying and it has powerful information tips at your fingertips. Most eBay searches should be for qualified buyers to spend money, Sothis is definitely a very powerful free marketing tool, generic keyword research tools can show you what they are looking for, eBay dal shows you what they are actually buying and what every marketer is doing. When researching the market. The site should be dived

5. free marketing platforms

There is very little that I can think of that is more likely to freeze my brain than copywriting. If I am writing a shortmail to my list, or creating a sales letter for an incoming product, my head will be blank for a minute or two before you reach the send button.

You can guarantee quite a few things. Not thinking of using the word good. Just type the word you have in mind in the box above, hit search and you will be presented with a bunch of options similar This is a great tool that should be in your bookmarks if you are stuck with a similar brain.

6. best tools for content strategy

Do you ever find yourself with huge files that have a very large tonesand via email? Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds crap to me.

It’s a great tool that lets you upload large files and share superfaces. Next time you find yourself with a huge file that needs to be transferred, then check out this great little free tool and you’ll save it before you know the files you’ve sent!

7. Alexa – digital marketing tools

For those who don’t know, Alexa is a free tool that lets you trim the level of traffic to any site online. This may sound a bit believable at first glance but it gives you a good indication of how many hits a site is getting.

Appropriate. But if you ever suspect that any marketer is making “exaggerated” claims about their success, you can learn a lot from Alexa Snooping. For example, there is a semi-professional marketer who is always amazed at how surprised he is, and how he enjoys Manichaean. The guy has a site, sells a product at a common price point, and yet Alexa gives him only a second look. Before that

Marketing OneBass, and the self-proclaimed Internet Millionaires started in the comments below, I agree that Alexa is running. With a small amount of traffic now is the time to join the points and no need to look back. If you understand its limitations, Alexa can be a great freemarketing tool to help you quickly cut the online hype.

8. Stock-digital marketing tools

XCHNG Have you ever wanted to illuminate your sales pages? Want to extend the life of your blog? Then go to stock.xhng and grab some free space. I am using this site a lot and there are lots of quality images that you can start using today.

Some images bring some restrictions from the author (check before you use) but most are voluntarily attached to the right. This is my first stop whenever I need a picture online, and my niches will be even more miserable without it.

9. Melinator- effective marketing tools

Have you come across a shrinking page and they just want you to see their offer with their email address? Simply put, I don’t mind leaving my email address. Selecting options to view on the sales page is just a general frenzy. I use it from time to time to overcome this problem.

This freelancer allows you to create disposable email addresses for those moments when you don’t really want to leave the userdress. In fact, you don’t have to sign up in advance and you can create new disposable email addresses on the fly.

10. Blogpools

BlBlowpools are a great free tool that lets you discover what’s hot and what’s on Blogspire. You can track conversations on the blog and see trends in specific keywords over time. It took me a while to get my head about it at first, but if you’re just diving, discover very quickly that it’s a pretty powerful free tool that helps you keep track of the latest improvements to Blogshare.

11. Google Docs

Have you noticed how many Google apps are on my list of the top 28 free online marketing tools? Their models provide free service and then the ads shine brighter and I think they all learned a lesson by doing it Google Docs is one of my favorite online tools and it really made my life easier.

It’s basically a place to store your documents online, where you and others can nominate files at the same time. You don’t end up with different versions of the same file filing and you don’t have to download your file every time.

You want to open it. In short, it is brilliant and again it is 100% free. To give you an idea of ​​how I use this tool, I have a list of activities for the day my Customer Support Director performs my activities.

After each task he showed with a box tick that the day was over and I can quickly login and check that the file was on top of us before downloading in the past verification and we have versions outside, so this method is easier than before, I I can also check my spreadsheets on the move and have other powerful features. Can I say how much I still love Google Docs ?! If you haven’t already used it, check it out and let us know what you think in the comments below.

12. SEO Book Keyword Tool

Change my mind about my favorite free keyword tool almost every day but what I am currently using is the SEO Book Keyword Tool I got results from WordTracker and especially what I like about this tool is that it is more relevant nearby One of the resorts. I will probably use another tool next week providing great links for the next search result, but now it’s getting my vote!

13. CO Chat Tool

Regular readers know that I don’t usually play SEO games with many of my blogs and I prefer to get direct links from most of my traffic viral ebooks and from other sites instead. H. This is to say that I have some niche blogs that I use in SRPS. Let’s make it with the intention of ranking, although this business model doesn’t seem like fun.

If I’m being truthful, I’ve got the whole idea of ​​following different processes on a somewhat tedious, better ranking page in search engines. Does anyone else have the same feeling? However, when I want to get on the first page of Google, I have to look at several SEO chats. They have lots of usable SEO tools and you can see a sample on the left of the screenshot If SEO is your game then you often want to check out this site!


If you want to start earning money online without spending a lot of money on investing you want to check out for those who don’t know, lets you create a freeblog in seconds which means you live a new page online. Please.

There. It is important to remember that you are not the owner of the blog and Blogger may suddenly pull the plug one day (it happens!) However
It’s still a great way to get up fast without spending for now. Blogger is a great place to start with your first blog and is especially effective for those who don’t feel comfortable pressing Togiv WordPress.

15. Large board

Have you ever spent ages searching for forums in your niche so you can do some research or do some fine marketing? Yes me too Well now one of the great tools I want to use right now to speed up this process is the Big Board which shows a free directory outside of the busiest forums. You can search forums in your niche and even filter data there as post count, traffic or number of numbers. His is a really useful free tool that has saved me a bundle of time.

16. Google Trends – content marketing research tools

Yes, another offer from Google has found a place in the list of top 28 free marketing tools. People may tell you what the chances of Google World dominating are, but guys they know how to create Google-free tools! Google Trends is an absolutely brilliant tool that lets you see images in the amount of searches over time. In the image below I typed Bebind then a graph instantly showed a comparison of how many people are searching now compared to people’s past to see if it was realfill for it.

17. NvuWhen

It comes down to creating my webpages using iSut Dreamover but I still use 100% free NVU for a while

Dreamweaver is expensive, and NVU is a great option if you can’t invest that much. Adjust the stick with NVU software If you are looking for a free HTML editor, try NVU today.

My name’s Sajib Mia… and thanks for taking the time to readthis report. (I hope I’ve shared some useful information with you!