galaxy s20+

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus 5G New Android Phone US Version

Hi, today I am going to talk about Galaxy S20+ phone.Samsung s20 plus Today’s discussion about this phone. Today I will give you a nice review about this Galaxy S20 + phone. So let’s get started—

In today’s discussion I will highlight the full features of samsung galaxy s20 plus phone so that you can know better about this phone.

galaxy s20+
galaxy s20+


We will first learn about the power of this phone. Dude this phone is 5G. If you play key games then this is good for you because its speed will increase your games very fast. This will not slow down your games. This allows you to beat more and will not miss a beat. It increases your next level of energy for what you want to do with 5G.

Single Take AI:

A special feature of this phone is that you can make videos in one tap with its shutter button. You can take more than one picture with this shutter button. Because its lens alley and filter can capture every bar

Camera: Now we will know about the camera. Friends, why don’t we go to buy the phone, we look at the camera first because we all like to take pictures more or less. Friend, the camera of this phone is 64 MP.  s20+ photos will allow you to create a hyphae image. One of the features of this camera is that you can zoom in at 3 feet away or 100 feet away. Because its new 30x space zoom capability allows you to capture much better quality images.

Bright Night Mood:

Samsung s20 plus bright night mood is such that you can capture high quality pictures or videos in low light and without flash.


Friends, at this stage we will know its charging, battery and memory. First of all, if I talk about recharging, then what else can I say, this phone takes super fast recharge which saves your time and maintains the continuity of work.

The battery of this phone is very good which gives you backup all day long. And its memory is plentiful and expandable so that you never have to delete important information.It has 128 GB of memory and Fingerprint ID and Facial Recognition.

In the end, this phone is great. If you want to buy this iPhone or see the samsung galaxy s20Price, then clicking on the link below will take you.

Thanks, Md. Sajib Mia

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